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If you are planning to buy trench coats, you must consider Harry’s for Menswear. The leading menswear brand in Australia will help you to buy trench coats that will match your needs perfectly. Our collection of trench coats is some of the most premium ones you will ever come across. We use the highest quality material to make the trench coats fit you the best.


Our company uses several high-grade materials for making trench coats. Some of the most common ones that you will come across are made of tweed, denim and flannel. Trench coats are a great choice to keep you insulated during the winter season and a fantastic way to upscale your style statement. These coats add a bulky illusion to style and are also ideal for layering your clothes. Wearing a trench coat over a thickly knitted turtleneck sweater paired with black jeans and a pair of boots will make your style shoot over the roof.


Trench coats are ideal if you are trying to look bulkier to the outer world. The very first men that used the coats were the soldiers of the First World War. These coats are called trench coats because the soldiers wore these coats inside the trenches. You can find the entire collection of our premium range of trench coats on our website.


We have our entire range catalogued online. Just choose your item and confirm the order to receive it at your doorstep. If you wish to buy trench coats offline, we are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We are also open from 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday.


So, stop searching and get your favourite trench coats from Harry’s for Menswear today.

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