Nested Suits

Nested Suits Explained

Harrys for Menswear has access to these factory closeouts. This means you get first quality current fashion 2Pcs Suits at Factory Direct Prices.

 A nested suit arrangement, means that the jacket size that you order is paired (nested) with a average match pant which is 12 cm smaller than your chest size. Commonly called an off the rack fit. If you are one of the majority, than all is well to order your correct jacket size to have your trouser fit perfectly. Otherwise these handy tips could help. 

TIP#1 Most suits have their Jacket & Trouser sizes labeled inside the top R/H pocket and the back R/H pocket. This will help you know what size you need if the suit still fits. Otherwise the next size up or down will change by 4cm increments. 

TIP#2  Suit Trousers are designed with a split band which allows alterations to be adjusted by 4cm in or 2cm out. We have an inhouse seamstress that can make these alterations for you at a small fee. 

TIP#3 Alternately if your body type is not an off the rack fit, extra trousers are often available to order if your Trouser size fall outside the nested suit size. Example if you to buy a 100cm Jacket your nested Trouser Size would be less 12cm meaning that you would receive an  88cm waist trouser. 

Hope this help.