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Chinos, which lie halfway between dress pants and jeans on the casual-to-formal range, may be an important component of any man's wardrobe if they are dressed properly. Chinos, although being a staple of any basic business-casual outfit, have a fascinating past. Chinos had their beginnings as twill cotton military trousers during the Spanish-American War, much like the origins of American denim in workwear. Similar to what happened with bomber jackets when GIs continued to wear them after the end of World War II, the trousers eventually transitioned from being a military garment to a commonplace article of apparel. And when they became a 1950s and 1960s East Coast Ivy League staple, they left their mark on contemporary American fashion. Here at Harry’s for Menswear we are chino-specialists! When you want to Shop chinos Walgett – we are your leading option!

Did you know: Chinos are traditionally made from 100 percent cotton with a twill weave that is meant to be sturdy and long-lasting (a by-product of the pants’ history as military wear). They tend to be softer and more lightweight than jeans, making them a good warm-weather alternative to denim.

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