Tips on keeping your suit from wool eating animals.

This is a quick overview on keeping your suit secure from those wool loving animals that destroy your much loved suit.

  1. Firstly the best option is to keep your wardrobe as clean as possible. 
  2. Having carpet in your wardrobe in not good idea as dust and silverfish find this as a nice place to live. Polished boards or a smooth surface is ideal.
  3. Keep natural insect repellants in your wardrobe. e.g mothballs, Peppermint &  Lavender.  Or better still line your wardrobe floor with natural cedar wood. All these will help protect your woolen garments. 
  4. Air your suit out in the a shaded after use. This will alleviate those smells that attract those wool eating animals. Even though your suit looks pristine. The finger food your eat squirts small drops of oil onto your suit.