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Celebration Brown Short Sleeve - Peggy and Finn

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Short Sleeve Shirt - Celebration Brown 

Looking for a modern and stylish Shirt to look your best? (or want him to!).

Made with celebrations in mind this shirt is tailored to provide a relaxed and comfortable fit. It's casual silhoutte ensures you can move freely and enjoy every moment of the festivites, without compromising on your style. Whether you're mingling with friends or hitting the dance floor, this shirt has got you covered.

About the print: The Celebration Brown print by Aboriginal Artist Bigi Nagala represents Aboriginal ceremonies which have been part of the Aboriginal culture since it began. The Elders would use song, dance, rituals, and elaborate body decoration to conduct ceremonies of death, as a way to teach particular aspects of the lore, spiritual beliefs and survival skills, as well as ancient marriage ceremonies where Aboriginal people are adorned with body paint and wear traditional headdress. Celebration through ceremony is part of Aboriginal Australia’s history and these rituals and ceremonies still play a vital part in the Aboriginal culture today as it is believed that they ensure a plentiful supply of plant and animal foods.

Material: 100% Tencel
Style: Relaxed Fit
Colour: Tawny Brown, Off White


Size: 2XL

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