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"Slim Fit Louis" and was designed in Australia. It's made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% linen, which suggests it may be lightweight and breathable.

The blazer features a slim fit, designed to hug the wearer's body closely. It has a one-button front and jetted pockets. Additionally, there's an angled OB welt pocket, a small pocket on the chest designed to hold items like pocket squares or pens.

The blazer also has a pull-out pocket bag, which means the pockets are lined with a different fabric that can be turned inside for cleaning. There are side vents, slits in the back of the blazer that allow for ease of movement. Finally, the blazer is fully lined and has a fabric interior for added structure and comfort.

The care instructions indicate that the blazer should be dry cleaned only, a standard recommendation for tailored clothing like blazers to prevent damage to the fabric or structure during washing.

Size: 97

Color: Sand-7019

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